My friend, Parker, wrote a song that we sang in our worship service this past weekend. It was fun to help him take an idea in his head and flesh it out. The artist reflects the image of the Creator as well as the image of the Incarnate Redeemer through the Spirit’s influence. We were able to take Parker’s song and turn the word into flesh with a Samba beat. 

So how do you write a worship song?

Tip #1: Keep a steady diet of Spirit food through mediation on scripture.

If a songwriter’s heart is marinated in the word of God, you will overflow with new songs. It also keeps you rooted in Truth so that you don’t end up writing things that sound poetic, but are not really true. You might not write any songs derived from scripture texts, but the word of God is his intentional revelation of himself. If you want your song to worship Jesus, you need to be deeply tuned into who he is and why he’s worthy of worship.