• New Song for Advent: Come Again Lord Jesus

    I wrote this song for Advent that doesn't have any stable, shepherds, angels, star, or even mention sweet little baby Jesus. However, it does get to the heart of the longing for the Lord Jesus to come again and be our King in the past, present and future.

  • New Song: "Newness" by Nikki Ellis

    A new song written on learning to trust in God.

  • Andrew Russell's Debut EP

    Andrew Russell, a musician we had the privilege of having at New City Fellowship for a number of years, is getting ready to release an EP of his original music. We asked Andrew to share with us about his project.


East Lake Expression Engine

The East Lake Expression Engine is an El Sistema-inspired music education program in the East Lake neighborhood of Chattanooga, TN. Come to the 2015 NCF Music Conference to learn more.

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