New City Fellowship in St Louis ( is committed to exalting the Lord Jesus Christ to bring about racial reconciliation and address the needs of our city through the power of the gospel.

The Music Ministry of New City Fellowship is looking for volunteer interns who are interested in gaining experience in practical music preparation and performance in the context of cross-cultural relationships. Our congregation is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-generational, and as a result we need our worship to be rooted in the truth and in relationships but not confined to one particular music tradition. In addition to African Americans, Latinos, and Euro-Americans, we have a thriving Congolese immigrant community, which has a rich and vibrant music tradition. Because of these factors, this internship is a rare opportunity to gain experience in a wide-range of music and worship skills preparing you to lead worship music in any of the MNA's New City Network ministries as well as preparation for the cultural challenges of overseas missions.

What opportunities are available for an intern?

  • Gospel Choir
  • Contemporary worship band & vocals
  • International worship music
  • Youth Band & Choir
  • Music Ministry administration and technology
  • Urban and inner city cultural expressions

Who should volunteer?

  • Students who need practical experience in leading a community of musicians
  • Students who need to expand and invest their musical and pastoral skills
  • Students who need experience in liturgical preparation when they go on to plant new churches
  • Students who need experience in cross-cultural communication to prepare for overseas ministry

This is not currently a paid position. Interns may receive field education hours from Covenant Theological Seminary

For more information, please contact Kirk Ward, director of music:, (314) 726-2302