Thanks to the New City Music web guys, Ben Huffine and Rob Hatch, we have been able to make a few new changes to in order to serve musicians and worship leaders better. Aside from a little bit of housekeeping, the coolest feature that was added is category tags to the songs in the Resource tab. Now you can click on "ADVENT" and see all the songs available on the site that will make you want to go wassailing among the fields so green. Other tags like "CHOIR" or "CHILDREN" are also handy and make the long list of tunes on the site easier to absorb. When you find a song you like, click "VIEW SONG INFO"  to find free resources for your worship leaders to use.

This week, we also rolled out a New City Music facebook page to connect people. Then we pulled out the twitter handle @newcitymusic out of mothballs. Please like/follow us, and then let us know what you think, if you have any suggestions or have any requests.