During the season of Lent, we at NCF East Lake were talking a lot about repentance, and how God responds to us when we communicate with Him. Sometimes, His response is silence, and for us to wait. Not waiting for him to deliver you from difficult physical circumstances, or material need, but waiting for him to speak. Waiting for him to show up.

Often times, we endure these periods of silence from without prayer, without thinking, and with hardness of heart. In the Psalms, we see David over and over just rail against the seeming absence of God, begging him, accusing him, shouting at him to come and get him! This honesty before God is a valuable skill, and one that might be worth exploring at the congregational level. Inspired by the season of Lent, and David's own emotional honesty, these tunes encourage us to speak to God at all times, and to wait paitently and honestly for him to answer.