Category: Emotion

  • The Time Is Now: Creatives Driving Culture

    July 9, 2016 | Nikki Lerner | Bridgeway Community Church | Duration 39:36

    At our New City Music Conference 2016, special guest Nikki Lerner talks about what creatives have to offer and how to create space for them to work in the church.

  • Music for the Mission

    July 8, 2016 | Russ Whitfield | Grace DC Mosaic | Duration 59:16

    Rev. Russ Whitfield's breakout session from the 2016 New City Music Conference gives us some ideas on how to use music to further the mission of the church.

  • African-American Worship

    This seminar is desiged to make an attempt at explaining to a majority white audience, the difference between African-American culture and majority White culture in the context of worship.

    Joan Nabors

  • Do you feel accused and opressed?

    It happens to every worship leader or pastor probably every Sunday. You are preparing to lead or preach and thoughts or emotions begin to race into your heart. " “Why are you pretending to be such  a ‘good Christian’? Don’t you know that you are a total hypocrite?" 

  • Why Worship has been REALLY good lately

    People will say to me, “Worship was sooooo good this Sunday!” I always say thank you, and then I usually say, “I know;  it was awesome, wasn’t it!” That’s my way of subtly reminding them that the worship service is something I am participating and experiencing in much the same way that they are. I know what we’re singing before hand and I am of course leading the song, but I am still just another member of the “congregation” of people who are sharing the experience of God’s presence and remembering His grace together.