Category: Sonship

  • Freedom in the Gospel to Lead Worship

    August 9, 2014 | Tony Miles | New City Fellowship, University City | Duration 56:21

    A talk from Pastor Tony Myles at the Worship Ministry Workshop in St Louis, MO. He preached from Romans 8 on the freedom that worship leaders have to face their fears and their flesh through accessing the resources of their inheritance as sons and daughters through Christ. 

    Tony Myles

  • Do you feel accused and opressed?

    It happens to every worship leader or pastor probably every Sunday. You are preparing to lead or preach and thoughts or emotions begin to race into your heart. " “Why are you pretending to be such  a ‘good Christian’? Don’t you know that you are a total hypocrite?" 

  • The Gospel – the foundation of worship

    It’s easy to list all the things that a “worship leader” needs to have: a heart for Jesus, Spirit-led voice, a pastor’s heart, the passion of a warrior, wisdom and theological training, the hands of a cheetah, guitar tone like a hot-buttered chainsaw, the list goes on and on. Those are all good things to pursue, but the foundation on which all our worship is the cross of Jesus Christ.

  • Why Worship has been REALLY good lately

    People will say to me, “Worship was sooooo good this Sunday!” I always say thank you, and then I usually say, “I know;  it was awesome, wasn’t it!” That’s my way of subtly reminding them that the worship service is something I am participating and experiencing in much the same way that they are. I know what we’re singing before hand and I am of course leading the song, but I am still just another member of the “congregation” of people who are sharing the experience of God’s presence and remembering His grace together.