Category: Grace

  • The Healing Ministry of Music

    July 8, 2016 | James Ward | New City Fellowship, Glenwood | Duration 57:11

    In his 2016 New City Music Conference Plenary session, James Ward talks about how our worship music can heal each other and the nation. He includes interviews with Libby O'Neil of East Lake Expression Engine and Joan Nabors of the New City Network.

  • Freedom in the Gospel to Lead Worship

    August 9, 2014 | Tony Miles | New City Fellowship, University City | Duration 56:21

    A talk from Pastor Tony Myles at the Worship Ministry Workshop in St Louis, MO. He preached from Romans 8 on the freedom that worship leaders have to face their fears and their flesh through accessing the resources of their inheritance as sons and daughters through Christ. 

    Tony Myles

  • The Gospel – the foundation of worship

    It’s easy to list all the things that a “worship leader” needs to have: a heart for Jesus, Spirit-led voice, a pastor’s heart, the passion of a warrior, wisdom and theological training, the hands of a cheetah, guitar tone like a hot-buttered chainsaw, the list goes on and on. Those are all good things to pursue, but the foundation on which all our worship is the cross of Jesus Christ.