Category: Trials

  • The Healing Ministry of Music

    July 8, 2016 | James Ward | New City Fellowship, Glenwood | Duration 57:11

    In his 2016 New City Music Conference Plenary session, James Ward talks about how our worship music can heal each other and the nation. He includes interviews with Libby O'Neil of East Lake Expression Engine and Joan Nabors of the New City Network.

  • Justice and Mercy in the Psalms

    July 25, 2013 | Thurmond Williams | Grace and Peace Fellowship | Duration 36:38

    Wonderful opening to the 2013 Music Conference from Thurmond Williams. 

    Thurman recently completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, with his dissertation entitled, “Christ-Centered Preaching in Hip Hop Culture.”

    Thurman Williams

  • Planting and Watering: A Sapling Church Becomes a Blooming Tree

    When New City was planted by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Lookout Mountain, many did not consider us to be in a proper site, and although we were healthy, we were not being planted properly. You see, we did not have the requisite number of seed families, and the funding was there but we were always poor.

    James Ward

  • Do you feel accused and opressed?

    It happens to every worship leader or pastor probably every Sunday. You are preparing to lead or preach and thoughts or emotions begin to race into your heart. " “Why are you pretending to be such  a ‘good Christian’? Don’t you know that you are a total hypocrite?" 

  • Why Worship has been REALLY good lately

    People will say to me, “Worship was sooooo good this Sunday!” I always say thank you, and then I usually say, “I know;  it was awesome, wasn’t it!” That’s my way of subtly reminding them that the worship service is something I am participating and experiencing in much the same way that they are. I know what we’re singing before hand and I am of course leading the song, but I am still just another member of the “congregation” of people who are sharing the experience of God’s presence and remembering His grace together.