Category: Joy

  • Justice and Mercy in the Psalms

    July 25, 2013 | Thurmond Williams | Grace and Peace Fellowship | Duration 36:38

    Wonderful opening to the 2013 Music Conference from Thurmond Williams. 

    Thurman recently completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, with his dissertation entitled, “Christ-Centered Preaching in Hip Hop Culture.”

    Thurman Williams

  • African-American Worship

    This seminar is desiged to make an attempt at explaining to a majority white audience, the difference between African-American culture and majority White culture in the context of worship.

    Joan Nabors

  • The Gospel – the foundation of worship

    It’s easy to list all the things that a “worship leader” needs to have: a heart for Jesus, Spirit-led voice, a pastor’s heart, the passion of a warrior, wisdom and theological training, the hands of a cheetah, guitar tone like a hot-buttered chainsaw, the list goes on and on. Those are all good things to pursue, but the foundation on which all our worship is the cross of Jesus Christ.

  • Why Worship has been REALLY good lately

    People will say to me, “Worship was sooooo good this Sunday!” I always say thank you, and then I usually say, “I know;  it was awesome, wasn’t it!” That’s my way of subtly reminding them that the worship service is something I am participating and experiencing in much the same way that they are. I know what we’re singing before hand and I am of course leading the song, but I am still just another member of the “congregation” of people who are sharing the experience of God’s presence and remembering His grace together.